Construction Safety Nets Agro Shade Nets Fire Safety Products Road Safety Products Fall Protection & Body Harness

Construction Safety Net

Leading manufcaturers of Anti Bird Net, Vertical Safety Net, Knotted Safety Net, Double Cord Safety Net.

Agro Shade Nets

Each plant has its individual requirements for sunlight and shade under which it flourishes at its best.

Fire Safety Products

Supplier of Fire Bucket, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hose and Fire Blanket.

Road Safety Products

Traffic Marshall Robot, Queue Manager, Corner and Wall Guards, Speed Breakers, Traffic Signal Mannequin

Fall Protection & Body Harness

Rebar Cap, Rope Grab Fall Arrester, Adjustment Buckles, Body Harness Dorsal D- Ring, Chest Textile Loop and Facade Cleaning Kit
16 years of experience

in Manufacturers of
Safety Net, Fire &
Road Safety Products

PN Safety Industries

PN Safety Industries

Incepted in 2014, PN SAFETY INDUSTRIES, Mumbai, which has been in the business of Construction Safety, Industrial & Fire Safety, Marine Safety & Agricultural Safety.

Specialized Manufacturer of Construction Safety Net, Industrial Safety Nets, Cargo Nets, Scramble Nets, Wooden Rope Ladder, Pilot Ladder, Aluminium Rope Ladder, Rope Lifting slings, Fall Protection Equipment, Personal Safety Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, FIRE Safety Equipment, Road Safety Equipment, First Aid Medico Equipment.

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Infrastructure Facilities

We have developed a contemporary infrastructure unit that makes us to executes all business operations effortlessly. Spread over 5000+ square meter area we hold state of the art manufacturing facility in Nardana MIDC Dhule, Maharashtra. We are developing vide range of processes for smooth operations and qualitative, quantitative production of nets and ropes. Also developing there, a test facility as per the national accreditations and product certification. Few hundred of skilled human resource working rigorously for timely production governed by the top skilled managers.

MIDC Nardana is besides the national highway which connect to commercial capital Mumbai to national capital Delhi. Our factory shares good access by mean of road and railway transport for logistic purpose.Read More...

Construction & Industrial Safety Equipments Manufacturers in Mumbai

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Certification standards and Associations

Certification standards and Associations