Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes provides the utmost Safety, Comfort, Grip and Durability required from a safety shoe. Lancer Safety shoes comes in various designs and as per the applications, comes with various features like Anti Slip, Anti Static, 200 Joules Protective Toe Cap, Acid and Alkali resistant, Leather upper, Oil resistant sole, Heel Energy absorption, Extra flexibility and Water Resistant upper.

Safety shoes can be used for various industrial and commercial applications. All the quality control measures are strictly followed to ensure the Safety shoes serves their purpose well.


Safety, Protective and Occupational Shoes for industrial purposes are tested according to different standards. We produce footwear according to the following European and Indian standards.

  • EN ISO 20345 / EN 345-1 :
      Safety Shoes with Steel/Composite/Aluminium Toe Caps which resist test force of 200 Joules
  • EN ISO 20346 / EN 346-1 :
      Protective Shoes with Steel/Composite/Aluminium Toe Caps which resist test force of 100 Joules
  • EN ISO 20347 / EN 347-1 :
      Occupational Shoes without toe caps, but with skid resistant, antistatic or other similar features
  • IS 15298:2002/ISO 8782-21998 :
      Safety, Protective and Occupational footwear for professtional use

Safety Features

SB PB   1/11 Conforms with basic features
SI P1 1 1 Closed heel area, antistatic properties energy absorption in heel area, fule resistant out sole
SIP P1 1 1 Like S1 plus pentration residance profiled outsole
S2 P2 2 1 Like S1 Plus resistant to water Penetration and water absorption
S3 P3 3 1 Like S2 plus penetration resistance profiled outsole
S4 P4 4 1 Like S2 plus antistatic, energy absorption in heel area, fuel resistant outsole
S5 P5 5 1 Like s4 plus penetration resistance profiled outsole

Identification Marks

For right and easy selection, we have given the following identification marks:

Safety Shoes



Footwear made of leather and other materials with an exception of formed in one piece or vulcanized.


Footwear formed in one piece or vulcanized i.e Rubber, PUR or PVC boots.

Slip Resistance Protective, Safety & Occupational Shoes

In the new European standard, following three slip resitance limits are defined since beginning of 2008 and as per new standaed the footwear must fulfill one of these three requirements:

  • SRA : Slip resistance of floors with ceramic tiles with SLS (Sodium Laurylether Sulfate) solution.
  • SRB : Slip resistance on floor with glycerol
  • SRC : Slip resistance on floor with ceramic tiles with SIS and on steel floor glycerol (SRA+SRB)

Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes

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