Why need Robotic Flagman ?
  • At Highway site for diversion of traffic
  • To direct the vehicles to expected route
  • To alert the trespassers regarding threat due to Maintenance work
  • To Protect the personnel working behind from the vehicle accidents
  • Human Safety
  • Savior to Human Lives
  • Performance
  • Alertness & Toughness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Maintenance Free
Threats & Limitations to Human Flagman ?
  • Heavy vehicles passing highways crashes the maintenance site & labors
  • Speeding vehicles become death threat to flagmen
  • There is limitation to human for continuing hours in a odd weather conditions

PN Rakshak Robotic Flagman

It's a Robotic Equipment consisting of Human Statue wearing reflective uniform with a bright beacon in a hand and a reflective flag in other hand to alert the trespassers regarding maintenance & road making activities.

It consists of :

  • Unbreakable Human Body
  • Flag with Reflector Tapes in Hand
  • Moving Hand with Geared Motors
  • LED Beacon System
  • Boiler Suit
  • Motion sensor
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Jacket
  • Safety Helmet
  • Set up Stand (2 Part)
  • 2 Battery Sets