Birds Netting

Pigeons make the very air you breathe highly toxic with bacteria and spores. Doctors say that pigeon droppings, loose feathers and the dust they shake when fluttering their wings is the cause of an alarming spread of Asthma and upper respiratory illnesses.

Our netting is very fine & is hardly visible. And it is installed with robust mounting system giving your home a neat and beautiful appearance. Our netting doesn't harm birds it just acts as a barrier for them from entering.

Pigeon Netting Material & Warranty
  • Pigeon Net: 1mm Twine Size of 15 ply
  • HDPE Net Material
  • UV Resistant
  • Wired Framework
  • Robust Mounting System
  • Polyethylene Net
  • No visibility
  • Does not stretch
  • Break Strength - Microfilaments twisted into twine for extra strength
  • Color: Black & White
We provide bird Netting Solutions for :
  • Balcony Nets
  • Building Duct Nets
  • Window Nets
  • Forebay Nets
  • Nursery Bird Nets
  • Swimming Poll Nets
  • Fall protection / Maintained Nets
  • Complex & township Bird Netting
  • Residential Bird Netting
  • Industrial Bird Netting
Features :
  • Best services with economy rates
  • 100% quality material
  • Technical net installation
  • Skilled manpower with safety precautions
  • Experience of professional work culture

Balcony Netting

Building Duct Netting

Window Netting

Nursery Bird Netting